The girl with the red hair

Her voice is very soft and gentle, yet sometimes there is this dark in it
something that promises more
Her voice is quite deep and soothing
like I could fall asleep while she speaks, but never sleep at the same time
She probably has the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard.
Like the kind that makes me want to take my clothes off and hers too.
She likes nice underwear and the smell of summer rain
The girl with the red hair
She wants to take me out to a nice dinner in my revealing red dress,
just to leave after starters
She has two cats and needs her space
There is a lot on her mind and on her calendar
maybe that’s what makes her so mysterious
The girl with eyes like forests and endless meadows
She likes her things, the way I like mine
I don’t know how I never met her until quite now
Maybe fate decided to bring some color into my life
Maybe it was just time


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