The art of letting go

Letting go is something we as humans want to avoid at any cost. We collect things, we collect people. We are hoarders, of feelings, of memories, of something that was almost there, but never quite.

We forget that letting go is existential for us, our health and well being. Trapped in what we desperately hold onto, we forget how to feel free and suddenly letting go seems impossible. Because we hide behind these things we decorate our lives with. We hide behind old relationships that have long run their course, we hide behind things that are no longer of value.

We drown ourselves in what used to be and to let go seems like so much pain. Because we got accommodated to feeling a certain way, sleeping next to someone or maybe just the way our day goes the same way all the time. So we hold on.

When we let go, at first there is this big feeling of emptiness, what was there for so long, all of a sudden is gone. But then at second glance this emptiness is freedom. Freedom to do whatever you want, to decide for yourself for once in your life, to dig your own hole you might fall into and not into the ones dug by someone else you just stumble upon.

Life has taught me the hard way that it can be over any minute and all those important things don’t seem so essential anymore in the eye of death. In those moments all that counts is how much you lived, for yourself, not anyone else. How many sunsets you enjoyed and how you let go of those toxic things to see through the fog they left. All this unnecessary baggage, all it does is weigh you down.

Let go. Let go of as many things and people you seem fit. Let go even if it hurts at first. Let go even if you cry and your voice trembles and your heart feels like it’s made of paper. Let go even if it feels like you’re drowning. At some point you’ll notice, at some point it just gets easier. You let go and it hurts a little less, you let go and all of a sudden you swim.


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