Focussing on yourself in a narcissistic world

Focussing on myself has always been a touchy subject to me. I don’t know why, but working on myself has never been a real priority to me. Usually I would look after others, even under the mask of focussing on me. I’m always there for my friends, and while that is a wonderful trait I’m very proud of, it sometimes hinders me to get forward in my own life.

Focussing on me, and my own progress always seemed so narcissistic and that is one thing I never wanted to be. I went to social school, I help my friends whenever possible and I try to help everyone else along the way as well. I truly believe that helping others is such an immensely beautiful experience, but it is time I learned how to look after myself, how to set boundaries and focus on my own progress, my own life.

First things first, focussing on yourself, is nothing like being egoistic or a narcissist. It’s about learning and growing as a person and that in my opinion will make us all better people, stronger and more kind.

But like how am I going to do this? How do I focus on myself, and myself only, if I’ve never done it before, if there was always someone else on my mind as well?
Lately due to some personal challenges I have become more and more at peace with life, with whatever it throws at me. I started believing that by taking one step after another anything can be achieved.

What if I told you today you can’t fail at anything. What would you try? What is your true passion and what is holding you back? Why not try? Why not go after your passion?
Do you really believe that putting things off, pushing them into a corner of your mind, that is barely in your conscience, is going to help?
So many live their life like they have a second one around the corner. Another life for after their diet, after they earned “enough” money.

I learned the hard way that everything can be taken away from in a second. At a time you will expect it the least, when you have a plan for your whole life, something can come along and just diminish all those plans. I had to almost die to learn this important life lesson. And still it took me another 2,5 years to actually start working at my passion. Life just got in the way, or should I say old behavior.

So, life. It’s never going to stop for you. It doesn’t give a crap about your expectations. It just happens, in the time it is supposed to, not the one you think is right. All we can do is do everything with love and compassion. So next time you feel like going to the lake in a bikini, just go, even though you haven’t lost all the weight you think you have to lose to look acceptable. If you want to pursue your dream in anything really, just do it. Go out there! Take risks! Do it for yourself! You’re not a narcissist for taking care of yourself and growing and working on yourself, you’re making yourself a better, happier person and anyone that wants to hinder that really shouldn’t be in your life.


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